1-3 YEARS!

1-3 YEARS!


This is an extremely effective treatment and most people will see exceptional results. Skin thickness, genetics, aftercare and healing speed will all affect the outcome. Some people will only need one treatment however, others will need more than one treatment to obtain their desired result. Initial tightening is apparent but lasting results will start to develop in 4-8 weeks due to the collagen building process. Client MUST wait 6-8 weeks before a second treatment for optimum healing.

Fibroblast and Skin By BrowBeat Studio

1-3 Hours

Look at all these dots! These brown spots are called carbon crust. DO NOT PICK! And my skin feels RED-HOT and stingy. All to be expected.

Fibroblast and Skin By BrowBeat Studio

Day 1

My skin is itchy, swollen, and producing lymph fluid (a yellow discharge: the body’s way of healing).

Fibroblast and Skin By BrowBeat Studio

5-7 Days

My dots are gone! (Crust will begin to flake or fade off revealing fresh, pink skin underneath)

Fibroblast and Skin By BrowBeat Studio

7-14 Days

(Still a little pink but most people will heal completely within 7-14 days)

Healing Results can be characterized by
3 Phases:


Immediately after: initial skin tightening from inflammatory/wound response (lasts 1-3 days). Then it will stabilize as spots start to fall off.


After crust spots fall off, fresh pink skin underneath is revealed. This skin will look vibrant and deeply exfoliated. As skin cells regenerate, results could wane and even dip during the 2nd and 3rd weeks while collagen is building in the deep layers of the dermis.


Now come the lasting results! In weeks 4-8 is when the collagen that has been doing all the behind the scenes work start to appear in the epidermal layers. Collagen and elastic fibers are responsible for giving our skin structure and support. It fills out wrinkles and deflated areas. It tightens and plumps out the skin, giving a younger more radiant complexion!